Embedded Lending
for Marketplaces

Offer a fully digital, embedded Business Lending experience to your business customers

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Offer your merchants or SMB customers a
digital financing solution

Banxware offers platforms of any kind as well as FinTechs & Neobanks a digital Lending as a Service solution to finance small and medium sized businesses (SMBs):

With one easy integration, Banxware brings revenue-based financing for merchants and SMBs to your platform

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Shop System

Give your merchants instant access to revenue-based working capital - right within your backend

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Payment Service

Offer your merchants a platform branded cash advance program based on recent transactions - straight from your payment gateway

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Increase merchant revenues on your marketplace. Offer a Business Lending product embedded in your merchant portal

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FinTechs &

Offer a fully digital Business Lending experience to your bank customers or
wallet users

Benefits for Platforms

  • Additional revenue stream: receive a commission for every financing contract

  • No risk exposure, no funds, no permits, no licenses and no compliance hassle - build your own lending brand

  • Competitive advantage: increased lock-in and loyalty effect

Benefits for Merchants & SMBs

  • Manage liquidity with revenue-based financing - around the clock and fully digital

  • Get access to instant financing in a few minutes right within their familiar platform environment

  • Take opportunities and grow the business with the additional capital

Our promise: We make integrating Lending as a Service into your platform as easy as 1-2-3

Why you should work with us

Our Lending as a Service solution comes as an all-in one package: bank partnership, repayment management and regulatory compliance

  • No payment default risk

  • No funds needed

  • No licenses required

  • No code or low code integration

It’s your choice

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White Label & fully embedded:  make it truly yours

  • Fully embed business financing into your platform

  • Establish your own financing brand

  • Directly control the financing experience

Offer our instant financing solution right away as an affiliate partner, while preparing for full integration

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Quick start: Banxy by Banxware

  • Link-out to stand-alone platform Banxy by Banxware

  • Zero integration effort from your side

  • Easy upgrade to fully embedded version

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Build your own Business Lending

  • Customize a financial product tailored to your customers needs

  • Embedded in your platform

  • All with Banxware tech